NDT Techniques, R&D

Acoustic Emission
Electromagnetic Testing, Eddy Current
Magnetic Particle Testing and New Magnetic Methods
Microwave Testing
Infrared and Thermography Techniques
Visual and Optical Testing, Holography, Shearography
Radiology and Radiography, Radiation Protection
Computed Tomography
Ultrasonic Testing, Guided Waves
Nonlinear Acoustic and Ultrasonic Methods
Vibration Testing
Liquid Penetrant and Leak Testing
Signal Processing, Time Reversal Techniques
Imaging and Image Reconstruction
Transducers and Sensors
NDT Modelling


Application areas of NDT

Novel Applications of NDT techniques
Public Safety, Residual Life Prognosis
Transportation (Railway, Aeronautic and Aerospace, Marine)
Civil Structures, Concrete
International Flower Delivery Network -
Power Generation and Energy Resources (Nuclear, Fossil, Regenerating)
Chemical / Petrochemical industry
Pressure Vessels and Pipelines (Production and In-Service Inspection)
Wood and pulp industry
Security, Surveillance
Biology and Medicine
Conservation and Restoration in Art and Architecture
Science and Research


Materials characterization

Fracture and Degradation of Materials
Corrosion and Bonds
Metals, Composites, Polymers, Ceramics, Wood, Rubber, Concrete


Structural Health and Condition Monitoring

Condition Maintenance
Diagnostics and Prognosis, Ecological Diagnostics
Structural and Machine Health Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics and Monitoring
Process Monitoring and Control


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